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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my pool/spa heater ever need a tune-up?
Yes!  Critters that creep, crawl and fly often take up residence within your heater, which can seriously affect its performance.  There are also other factors to consider such as leaks, soot, rust, and control failure.  To ensure maximum performance of your heater and minimum energy use, we suggest that you have a professional check-up of your pool heater at least once a year.

What size pool heater do I need for my pool/spa?
How big is your pool?  A 250,000 BTU heater is the standard size swimming pool heater.  However, the best size for your pool depends on many factors such as what time of year you want to heat the pool, how fast do you want to heat it, do you have a thermal cover to reduce heat loss and so forth.   Each of these factors affect the size of the heater best suited for your pool.

How much will it cost to heat my pool/spa?
While the cost will vary from pool to pool, it may not be as much as you might think if you observe a few basic rules.
1. The heater needs to be big enough to service the needs of your pool or spa.
2. Utilize some type of thermal or solar cover.
3. Donít try to keep an uncovered pool at 90 degrees when thereís snow on the ground!

Can I use solar to heat my pool/spa?
Certainly, solar is a viable option and should be considered in almost every case. However, there are certain conditions under which solar works best to maximize the benefits and minimize your energy consumption. Solar systems work best when the solar collectors can face south, there is adequate surface area available and the proper angle of exposure can be achieved. In practice, solar heaters are supplemented by other heaters in all but he hottest months.

What options are available to heat my pool?
1. A quality heater sized to meet the needs of your pool or spa
2. A thermal cover to prevent heat loss
3. A solar cover for solar assisted heating
4. Install a complete solar system, utilizing solar panels on your roof

What size gas supply line will I need for my pool?
The average gas pipe size is 1" in diameter.  As the distance from the heater to the source of gas supply increases and the BTU output of the heater increases, the diameter of the gas pipe must also increase.

Do I have to have natural gas to have a pool heater?
No!  Pool heaters are designed to use a wide variety of fuel sources.  In today’s market you can purchase heaters fueled by natural gas, propane, butane, diesel fuel, electricity and heat pumps.

Can I heat my pool in the winter?
Yes.  However, the cost may be prohibitive depending on your particular climate, the amount of wind in your area, whether or not you have a thermal cover to prevent heat loss, the temperature fluctuation at night, and the cost of fuel.

How long should it take to heat my spa?
A heat-up time of one degree per minute is considered normal.  Most people would like to have their spa heated to the desired temperature, ready to wet their pinkies, within one hour of when they turn the heater on.  If you would like to be in the spa more quickly than this, you can achieve that result by increasing your heater size and minimizing heat loss with a thermal cover.

How long should it take to heat my pool?
Considering that a pool is generally heated during a normal swimming season (June - September in California) the pool should be able to be raised to swimming temperature within a twenty four hour period.  One degree of pool temperature rise per hour is considered normal.

How do I know how many gallons of water are in my pool?
The formula to figure this depends on the shape and depth of your pool.  The gallons in a rectangular pool can be estimated by multiplying the length times the width times average depth times 7.5 (the number of gallons of water in a cubic foot).  So a pool that is 40 feet long, by 20 feet wide with an average depth of five feet contains approximately 30,000 gallons (40x20x5x7.5=30,000).

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