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About the Stevensons

Shaleen and George Stevenson began Hot Water Works in 1992 and have operated the company since that date.  George began in the pool business over 40 years ago.  He was the National Director of Training for two major swimming pool heater manufacturers -- Teledyne Laars, Inc. and Raypak Inc.  prior to starting Hot Water Works.  In addition, George is a certified instructor for pool professionals who want to become a Certified Pool Operator (CPO), a nationally recognized standard for operating commercial swim facilities.  Each year, Shaleen and George both attend numerous industry classes to stay up-to-date on new products, industry standards, and federal, state and local regulations.  George holds both C-36 and C-61/D-35 contractor's licenses.

We believe in old-fashioned customer service, where we listen to your individual needs and recommend solutions that work for you.  We take care of your repairs and equipment replacements personally and stand behind everything we do.

Pool heater repair in the Sacramento and surrounding Northern California areas. Contact Us Today!


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